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A lot of crypto expert predicted that pi network coin will reach $10k+ USD/pi coin one day. And another group predicted that pi project will be failed. However, still now over 21 million user world wide mining pi coin. You can mine this coin from your android mobile phone and you need a invitation code that is ‘pinvite2021

Pi network invitation code

Pi network is doing now Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). So without an invitation code, you can’t mine the pi coin. For you, the Pi network invitation code is ‘ pinvite2021 ‘ or you can join the pi network with this link from your mobile phone.

Pi coin price prediction

Still, now pi has been not lunched but experts estimated its’ value. Let’s discuss it.

  1. Year-2021

    Now we can say, 1 Pi= $.0075+ USD

  2. Year-2022

    1 Pi= $0.01+USD

  3. Year-2023

    1 Pi= $0.012+USD

  4. Year-2024

    1 Pi= $0.05+USD

  5. Year-2025

    1 Pi= $0.06+USD

  6. Year-2026

    1 Pi= $0.1+USD

  7. Year-2027

    1 Pi= $0.2+USD

  8. Year-2028

    1 Pi= $0.25+USD

  9. Year-2029

    1 Pi= $0.5+USD

  10. Year-2030

    1 Pi= $1+USD

  11. Year-2031

    1 Pi= $1.5+USD

  12. Year-2032

    1 Pi= $1.75+USD

  13. Year-2033

    1 Pi= $1.5+USD

  14. Year-2034

    1 Pi= $1+USD

  15. Year-2035

    1 Pi= $0.5+USD

  16. Year-2036

    1 Pi= $20+USD

  17. Year-2037

    1 Pi= $50+USD

  18. Year-2038

    1 Pi= $100+USD

  19. Year-2039

    1 Pi= $500+USD

  20. Year-2040

    1 Pi= $700+USD

  21. Year-2041

    1 Pi= $1000+USD

  22. Year-2042

    1 Pi= $1200+USD

  23. Year-2043

    1 Pi= $2000+USD

  24. Year-2044

    1 Pi= $5000+USD

  25. Year-2046

    1 Pi= $5000+USD

  26. Year-2047

    1 Pi= $5000+USD

  27. Year-2048

    1 Pi= $10000+USD

  28. Year-2049

    1 Pi= $10000+USD

  29. Year-2050

    1 Pi= $10000+USD

  30. Year-2051

    1PI= $10000+USD

Analysis for the pi coin price prediction

  • Year 2021, Pi price is very low because,it has not any investment.
  • The price is increasing day by day, because a lot of people invloved in pi mining.
  • Year 2035, Pi price may be fall down for the bear of crypto market. They may create an artificial situation because maximum pi will be stored in the general people and the crypto business mafia need the coins.
  • Year 2036, when maximum coin will be purchased by the crypto business mafia, price will be increased within a night.
  • Year 2051, a pi coin will reach $10k+ USD worth.

when will pi coin launch and why it will grow?

Still, now we don’t know when will pi coin launch properly. But we can trust its future. Because it’s developed by Stanford PhDs and toady over 21 Million people using pi apps. Just think, if you were the owner of Amazon, will you buy the pi platform? Yes, because no cryptocurrency has a good future after bitcoin and Ethereum except pi. The greatest thing behind the success of pi is, people can mine it from mobile phones and it’s not harming our environment like bitcoin mining. However, it will also harm the environment in the future when people will start PR to PR. In the future, eCommerce and online-based companies will list pi as their first priority, because pi is engaging a lot of miners or pi users already and that will be a much larger quantity than bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

How to mine pi coin?

To mine pi you have to create a pi account, then you have to log in to the pi mobile app every day. I’ve already shared the pi invitation code that is pinvite2021 or join pi network from Here.

Why Pi coin will be the crypto of next generation?

Some years ago, money and wealth were the property. But nowadays, the property is the communication and engagement of people. Before fully launch, the Pi network reached 21 Million people (Untill 18 Aug, 2021). And it’s true that it will reach 1 Billion+ User. So Pi will be the only crypto that can engage billion people. So a lot of people will use Pi coin and spend it online, especially in eCommerce and online transactions. And it will be not fake, because no one wants to lose this vast community of users, especially the Pi developers.

Am I mining pi network coin?

Apologies, according to the laws of my country (Bangladesh), I can’t mine any cryptocurrency. So I’m not mining pi coin now, but I will do it when my government will allow us. But, I’ve written the article based on the real experience of my friends and my personal research after reading articles on the pi coin. You guys know, I’m using SEMrush for my website SEO and Getresponse for my email marketing. I don’t know you redirecting to the article from my email or the search result, but every day I’m getting a lot of requests to write an article on the Pi network. Also according to SEMrush, the pi network was a low competitive keyword. However, I believe there was no mistake in the article, if you found any mistakes, please send me an email to riyad@digitalmarketinghelp.org

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