In this article, we will share 5 steps for earning $600 USD per month from home working online with L-ink.Me free URL shortener service. It’s a tested method, so you can start it without any hesitation

Step 1: Sign Up for L-ink.Me URL shortener

L-ink.Me is the best free URL shortener service with a massive amount of features to help you grow and manage your online business. You will able to add your own domain name for short your links easily for free and then, take control of your brand name and your users’ trust.

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Step 2: Get some affiliate services

Now it’s time to find out some affiliate services that you will able to promote easily. But keep in mind one thing, don’t promote products to earn money, promote products to help people. Eg: If product A offers $100 USD but is good in quality and Product B offers $250 USD but is average in quality, then you have to promote product A. Otherwise, your reputation will be affected. You have to select a product based on your interest & professional area. In my case, I’m promoting:

Because these products are the best in quality. Because I have used and tested it for myself.

Step 3: Achieve Skills

Now you have to learn some skills, eg: How to con figure Gsuite with GMass or How to build cold email outreach system with postal smtp and mautic.

You can check this course:

Step 4: Start working and promote product

Now you can start working online and you can promote your product. Eg: If you work on Gsuite+GMass System, then you can promote Gmass to your client through your affiliate link. When youn will use URL shortner, it will not make any issues with trust and also you will able to track it.

Step 5: Promote product every where

When you will promote product through your affiliate link, many website will not allow to do it as they don’t like affiliate link. Then you can use URL shortner. Also, sometime, you may need to change the link if it’s expire, but it’s impossible to change everywhere on the internet. So, if you use URL shortner, then you can change it on the L-ink.me dashboard, and it will be changed everywhere.

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