Approximately 4 Billion Email addresses have been created and I believe 70% of them are still now active. Do you think if you send an email to the 2.8 Billion addresses, all of them converted to the sale? If yes, then you were on the wrong path. The dark truth is ’email can’t be converted to sale’.

So the question is why we are sending emails? We are sending emails to building trust with our subscribers. My friend, email marketing is nothing more than collecting and sending emails by using SMTP. SMTP stands for Simple Email Transfer Protocol. Actually, SMTPis the technical thing that is responsible for delivering emails over the internet.

Types of Email Marketing

There are 3 types of Email Marketing Methods based on subscribers or receivers. They are-

1.Bulk Email Marketing: 

Suppose you have purchased an email list of 5 million email contacts from someone. After that, you are sending 8 emails per month to the people. Do you know what will happen?

These 5million people or some of them will complain against you. That means they may mark your email as spam or phishing. Or if they can simply ignore your email, it will be an action against you.

So Bulk Email Marketing is nothing more than sending emails to the people who are not our subscribers and also these people are not highly targeted for our niche or business.

Eg: Suppose I need some readers for my books. Who are the targeted people? Maybe the others seller of Amazon whose are facing issue to promoting their product through email marketing, or the people who are trying to practice good email marketing. if I send emails to these people then my book may be sold 5 times more. But If I purchase a random list, it will not work. Yes, my friend purchasing random lists and sending emails to these people is known as Bulk Email Marketing. Another name of Bulk Email Marketing is Spamming!! This type of email marketing is strictly prohibitive.

2.Cold Email Marketing:

When you will send emails to the targeted community and if they are not your subscribers, then it will be cold email marketing.

eg: Suppose I’m going to selling a product which is necessary for only the People of the USA and I have an email database of them. So if I send emails to these targeted people. Then it will be Cold Email Marketing.

Another example, If I maximize my target, then what will happen? Suppose, I have a product that is necessary for only the women of the USA and I have an email list of them. So if I send emails to these people, it will be cold email marketing.

Another example of making it easy. I have a product which is need for only the people of The United Kingdom. But the people must be women. Their age must be 25-45 Years old. Their educational background must be Bachelor. They must be interested in weight loss! If I can collect an email database of these types of people and send them an email, My friend it will be cold email marketing.

3.Traditional Email Marketing:

Traditional email marketing is nothing more than sending regular emails to our subscribers. Another name of traditional email marketing is ethical email marketing.

In the case of traditional email marketing, we have permission to send emails to the receivers. So the maximum email will land inbox if you use a high-quality email service provider like Getresponse or SendX. But Sometimes, these types of emails also land spam folders. Because it can’t pass the spam filters. You can get an expert to authenticate these records. It will be better if you get their help from the beginning, that means before starting nothing.


GetResponse is an across-the-board promoting stage which, just as email advertising, offers presentation pages, a CRM, and progressed computerizations. We rank them pretty well because of their scope of cutting edge highlights. Their entrance plan is sensibly estimated and they offer a liberal rebate to NGOs.

Regularly scheduled installment plans are organized by list size, beginning at $15 every month for limitless messages to up to 1,000 endorsers. Full subtleties are accessible on the Pricing page.

With the limits we offer, you can get 18% off a year plan or 30% off a two-year plan. Extraordinary valuing is accessible for enrolled non-benefit associations, click here to apply for up to a half rebate. Custom arrangements are accessible for records with in excess of 100,000 endorsers. Try Getresponse Free for 1 Month, Click Here

For Basic bundles, we offer extra paid additional items for highlights, for example, online course, and multi-client. Online classes, CRM, and Team highlights are accessible inside Plus and Professional bundles at no extra expense. The Conversion channel is accessible for all plans (the number and kind of accessible pipes will rely upon the picked plan).

Note: North American records might not approach buy or empower additional items. These highlights are as yet accessible through the Plus and Professional bundles upon overhaul.

Getresponse Pricing

GetResponse has 4 pricing package, for 1000 subscriber The packages are:

  • Basic: $15 USD/Mo
  • Plus: $49 USD/Mo
  • Professional: $99 USD/Mo
  • Max: You have to contact with them

However, Click here to Check GetResponse‘s Recent Pricing

Benifits of GetResponse

  • Trusted by 350k+ Companies in 183 Countries. So you can tell them a high reputable Email Service Provider. I mean high reputable SMTP.
  • Available in 27 different languages.
  • Operates globally with offices in Poland, the U.S. Canada, Malaysia, and Russia with more than 300 passionate professionals on board.
  • With more than 15 years of experience, GetResponse continues to deliver excellent-quality online marketing solutions that empower entrepreneurs and make their businesses grow.
  • They offer a complete suite of simple-yet-powerful solutions, scaled and customized for small and large companies and their tools are designed for organizations that want to implement effective, high-impact campaigns that drive marketing ROI.
  • GetResponse email marketing and online campaign management platform helps entrepreneurs build targeted subscriber lists and send high-impact newsletters, video emails, and follow-up campaigns.
  • It offers marketing automation, responsive email design, hundreds of ready-to-use email templates, landing page creators, and useful statistical analysis tools.
  • 99%+ Delivery Rate
  • A dedicated team of experts provides five-star customer support via email, and chat 24/7.
  • Better SMTP and more customer-friendly than Amazon SES, MailChimp, and others.

The problem of using Getresponse

  • They not allow all types company, you can check from here which they allow.
  • High Quality Service but costly.


SendX exists to help web businesses grow their revenue using email marketing. They do that by building better email marketing software which rather than being focussed on vanity metrics like opens and clicks, delivers revenue and conversion growth. SendX is a Value SAAS Business that is committed to building our business capital efficiently.


  • SendX is the first choice for bulk/cold email marketing campaigns. Because no one allows it’s except SendX.
  • Adult Industry and also Gambling Industry can use the SendX platform which is awesome.
  • SendX is cheaper than GetResponse.
  • You can select up to 2Million Email sending package when GetResponse offering you only 100K!

SendX Pricing

The pricing of SendX is very low and when you will try a large package it will be the lowest. You can check it from their website located here

Problem of SendX

  • The company is new, so not much people know about the platform and using it.
  • Some of my clients told about poor deliverability, maybe SendX has fixed it already.

GetResponse 1 Month Trail Offer

SendX 1 Month Trail Offer

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