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I have noticed that a lot of people who are promoting Intraserver. I’ve read their reviews. All were good. But unfortunately, I don’t trust anything before testing it. So I have recommanded Intraserver to one of my nearest clients. She has purchased it. And I had received the commission from CJ. Unfortunately, the server was the worst.Also, they have not paid me the promised $100 USD commission as an affiliate partner. I’ve mailed them about the commission they have not replied me.Also, my client has mailed them about the server quality, in this case, their reply was horror.However, I’m recommanding these VPS servers based on my previous experience, if you want you can check.

My Opinion

A company, that is cheating with their affiliate marketers & also replying with unprofessional way can’t be recommanded for promotion and also using. But if you want, you can take the risk of testing it. Then please send me your experience with me via contact us section.

My Recommandation

I’ve tested the VPS of a lot of companies, and found high quality VPS only 4 company. Yes, I’m affiliated with all of them, but I don’t promote the worst things. You can check all of them, then purchase one based on quality & pricing.All of these 4 are tested & good. Please don’t forget to purchase the VPS clicking to the link (My affiliate links).

The Best VPS (Virtual Private Server) At A Glance

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I’ve been working as a freelance email marketing consultant since 2012. During my consultancy career, I have worked with a lot of startups, small and medium businesses. There were some awesome large companies also.

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