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I’ve recently talked with Fiverr staff through customer support. They ensure me that we can’t sell a pre-collected email database. For the email collection project, we can only deliver the business email not personal email such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

The reason for banning the sale of pre-collected email databases

Maybe you saw a warning that your every order must be unique. When you will deliver a pre-collected email database they will be not unique. Fiverr removed all gigs like that. I know a seller who was just selling a pre-collected database, Fiverr removed his account and he can’t create a Fiverr account anymore as I know.

Why not personal email?

I think you already know about spam. Usually, people collect email databases for cold email marketing. When we will deliver personal emails, our clients will use the database for their cold email campaign and it will be spamming. Fiverr doesn’t support global spamming.

On the other hand, In the marketplace, there are a lot of buyers who have not more than 15% knowledge of Email Marketing.

Last day a people from Egypt sent me the message:

“Hello, I have got a 1.5 million targeted email list. I need to send all them inbox without spam can you help me and give me a discount but if I get blacklist I will do a refund”-A***saka

So there are a huge chance of spaming. Actually the following client asked me for help in bulk email marketing which is spamming. I have rejected the offer because I don’t provide spamming service.

On the other hand, people create business emails for receiving and sending business proposals. So we can deliver them.


By Mohammad Riyaduzzaman Riyad


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