Why I Am Promoting Grammarly_

I’ve already shared that I’m less than good at English. But I’m trying to develop it day by day with the help of Grammarly. At the same time, I’m making an affiliate commission from Grammarly by promoting it.

How is Grammarly Helping Me?

Sometimes, I make some grammatical mistakes. Grammarly is helping me to correct them. At this moment, I’m using Grammarly‘s free version (Next month will use the premium version).

Why I’m Promoting Grammarly?

Promoting Grammarly is one of the easiest methods of this universe. Because it’s free to use. Yes, it has a premium feature but a maximum of us will not mind using it for free. Let’s Check the commission plan:

How I Can Start?

Just follow 2 steps bellow:

  1. Install Chrome Extention and SignUp For Grammarly For Free from Here
  2. Sign Up For Grammarly Affiliate Program From Here

It will be better and professional if you can use the same email address for both affiliate and Grammarly accounts.

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