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We have applied multiple times but Google rejected our submission. We have researched a lot of articles and tutorials, especially Hassan‘s YouTube Tutorial on Google AdSense. Finally, Google approved our website.

The 5 Secrets of Google AdSense

Let’s know How we can get approved and some awesome tricks to 3X Our Earning

  1. The 3X Methods

    I’m discussing this in the first part because I want to help people from my heart. So the question is how we can earn 3 times from 1 Website.
    i) I’m doing affiliate marketing. You can read this article after completing the running one to know the best affiliate marketing strategy: Do You Know Why I Am Promoting Grammarly?
    ii) I’ve added a service page and receiving a good amount of offline orders!
    iii) I’m also earning from Google AdSense

  2. Publish Some Unique Articles

    Before applying to Google AdSense, we have published 8 unique articles. So it will be better if you can publish more unique articles, eg: 8 to 40 Articles. You can correct the grammatical mistake using Grammarly. I have already shared that I’m less than good at English.

  3. Add The 5 Master Pages

    About Us, Contact Us, Terms & Condition, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer pages are known as master pages. Without these 5 Pages, Google will not approve any website.

    If you need any help to set up Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer pages, you can contact us through our contact page located here.

  4. Drive Some Real Traffic

    Before applying to Google AdSense I have driven some real traffic from Facebook, Quora, Medium, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, and Direct Cold Email Marketing. You can use these methods. At the same time, You can use a paid traffic service named SimpleTraffic.Co. You can use SimpleTraffic.Co’s 2500 Free Traffic Coupon is located here to test. (Note After Getting Approved by Google AdSense, you can’t use SimpleTraffic.Co .)

    Disclaimer: Please don’t use bot traffic, it will harm your website.

  5. Improve On-Page & Off-Page SEO

    To optimize our website, we have used SEMrush free & then Trail Version. Now we are using SEMrush Paid version. SEMrush 14 days Trial Coupon link is located here.

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I’ve been working as a freelance email marketing consultant since 2012. During my consultancy career, I have worked with a lot of startups, small and medium businesses. There were some awesome large companies also.

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