CJ suspended with $1300+

In this article, I will share one of the largest mistakes of my affiliate marketing journey. I was new and made a good figure within few days. But CJ suspended my account for an unintentional violation.

What did I do?

Website content was not my main promotional material. But I added a website as a formality. I scraped some content from the website of the product which I was promoting. But I had forgotten to rewrite them. And also I scraped 2/3 articles from my friend’s blog with her permission. And Scraping Content from another source is a violation of the CJ Agreement. So they suspended my account without warning.

My Traffic Source

However, my traffic source was 100% valid. I have a total of 2 Billion Email Databases. And you know I can build my own SMTP server to send unlimited emails. So let’s know my strategy:

  • Make a website
  • Publish Content (I did wrong with scraped content. Please publish your own content. You can get it from Fiverr if you can’t write)
  • Drive Traffic Through Cold Email Marketing/Quora/Social Media (I did cold email marketing with my system and database. And received huge response and sales)
  • Visitor Will Click on The link and They will Buy the product if they need it.
  • Enjoy The Sale

Now Am I Using CJ?

No, I can’t create an account at CJ for the suspension. But my mother is a publisher of CJ. Sometimes I help her with driving traffic and backlink creation. But I’m still now working on the Share Sale Network and another affiliate platform.

CJ Payment Procedure

You can simply add your bank details. You can use Payoneer. They will pay you after the 20th of the month. But payment must be locked before the 10th of the month.

Will I suggest CJ?

A network which suspends publishers’ account without any warning can’t be suggested by me for the beginner. Please don’t try CJ before making at least $5000 USD from other networks. Because your first CJ account is your last CJ account.

Which we can start for Now?

For starting it’s better to go with something free. You can promote Grammarly Free Extention. When people will add this extension, you will receive good cash.


  1. Install Grammarly Extention & Register for Free
  2. Signup for Grammarly Affiliate with the same email address which you used for the extension.

Grammarly Commission Plan


By Mohammad Riyaduzzaman Riyad

Contact: riyad@digitalmarketinghelp.org

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