100K Web Traffic

Today I will share my simple traffic strategy. We are driving 100k monthly traffic and making 3 times earning with them. Hope it will help a lot of people.

The Secret

Let’s know the secret of driving 100k organic and real traffic to maximize revenue.

  1. Quora

    We always share our content on Quora and answers 10+ questions every day with our backlink.

  2. Medium

    We always share one-third of our articles on medium and linked our main article to read more. We are getting 25k traffic from medium per month!

  3. Pinterest

    We publish 5 Pin every day and drive 100-200 traffic per Pin!

  4. LinkedIn

    We always post on linked in with proper hashtags and drive traffic!

  5. Reddit

    Getting a large amount of traffic from Reddit!

  6. Facebook

    We are also getting a small amount of traffic from Facebook. Monthly, 1k/2k Pageviews!


We are getting an average of $20 USD per day from Google AdSense! It’s a few amounts but we believe $600USD is much from 100K monthly page views!

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About Me

I’ve been working as a freelance email marketing consultant since 2012. During my consultancy career, I have worked with a lot of startups, small and medium businesses. There were some awesome large companies also.

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By Mohammad Riyaduzzaman Riyad

Contact: riyad@digitalmarketinghelp.org

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