How to Buy Land on Moon

Everyone wants to be the owner of the moon. Previously, 3 former US President & a lot of celebrities purchased their land on the moon. In this article, I will explain the detailed procedure to buy land on the moon.

Who is the owner of the moon?

According to the moon agreement in 1979, no country in the world can claim ownership of the moon. But, there was word about an individual or normal life leading citizen. And it was the largest, mistake of this agreement.

Dennis Hope (image: lunar embassy)

Dennis Hope was the first person who claimed ownership of the moon. There was an interesting story. According to US law, if any US citizen claimed ownership of any property that has no owner, and if he or she can take a sign from the US Government employee, then she or he will be the owner of that property. So Mr. Dennis Hope, use the all-strong points of law (for him) and claimed ownership of the moon. He sent a letter to the UN & Russia and got no response. And no response means they have no problem. So now Dennis Hope is the legal owner of the Moon 😛!!

However, some people said against him. Because without a government, no one can sell the property. So Mr. Dennis Hope has made a government for the Moon. Not only that, he has made a flag for the moon too 😜 !!

Actually, Mr. Dennis Hope was a seller of shoes and made a huge loss in his business. He was depressed and trying to move on with something. Selling property was the 1st business idea on his list. But unfortunately, He had no property. Then he saw the sky and found the moon. Then he had started to read all the books, journals & news on the Moon Agreement.

How to buy land in the moon?

Mr. Dennis Hope has established a company named Lunar Embassy to sell his property, I mean the land of the moon. You will be surprised to know that company has 3 branches in three different countries: The USA, Japan & Korea!

However, to buy property, you just have to go to the official website of the Lunar Embassy and follow the procedure. If you want someone who will help you to buy land on the moon from Lunar Embassy, just buy this gig from Fiverr.

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