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Today I’ve tried Fiverr’s new feather ‘early payout’ and wondered I’ve withdrawn my fund for only a 1% Fee!! In this short article, I will discuss it.

The Story

Hi friend, I’m Mohammad Riyaduzzaman Riyad, a freelance email marketing consultant who had been trying to withdraw the fund from Fiverr. Today, I was waiting for clearance. Yes, I have withdrawn my fund and wondered when I found an option called ‘Early Payout’.I thought the charge or fee will be at least 3%, so I tried a fund of $12 USD which was pending clearance on 21 April 2021. Fiverr Charge only $0.12 USD. Then I have withdrawn the rest of $260 USD and it has charged only $2.6 USD!

Who Can Use It?

Early payout is the new feature for the sellers of Fiverr. Sellers now can use this feature to get an immediate payout. That feature will be helpful for sellers to get a quick payout. But these features still available for selected sellers to get feedbacks and announced as a new feature officially. 1% of the total amount is a charge to get the early payout and the sellers can withdraw payment instantly.

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